In the summer of 2004, Black and Latinx young people who had grown up in the festival arts program at Spontaneous Celebrations, a community arts center in JP, were charged with choosing an issue in their community and designing a community action project that would address this issue. The teens chose to focus on youth violence and the lack of programming for teens in their community. In response, they created Beantown Society.

Since that first summer, Beantown Society has grown into a powerful platform for young people to heal, learn, and fight for change. Over its history Beantown has collaborated with other youth organizations in the city to fight for youth jobs, an MBTA youth pass, and against gentrification. Beantown continues to host the annual Don’t Wait ‘Till We’re Dead Talent Show and leads The Curley Project, a partnership with the Curley Middle School in JP. In 2019, Beantown Society hosted a Quinceneara to celebrate 15 years of Beantown Society. Beantown Society is now led by a seventh generation of youth who continue play a central leadership role in our community and city.