The Beantown Society Donor Collective launched in 2020 as a group of donors committed to supporting the work of Beantown Society for the long haul. We will give collectively and fundraise together to support the young people and staff of Beantown Society to do the healing and organizing work that is needed for this moment and beyond.

Why Does It Matter?

While COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated the impacts of racism and inequality, the reality is that gentrification, lack of funding for schools and youth jobs, and racist policing have been impacting young Black and Latinx people in Boston for too long. In this moment when Beantown Society’s work is more essential than ever, we have also seen institutional funders and foundations pull back from supporting the long-term work of youth organizing. Beantown Society has weathered these challenges thanks to the support of our incredible staff, youth leaders, advisory board and alumni. Now, we are turning to you, our neighbors, to support the work of Beantown Society. This donor collective will be an opportunity for those with resources to become an essential part of sustaining and resourcing our work by attending events, learning about the history of Beantown’s anti-violence and organizing work, and, most importantly, moving resources to the work of the movement.

What is the commitment?

  • A three year commitment to the Beantown Society Donor Collective
  • A minimum donation of $500 per year ($100 per year for those under 21)
  • Attendance at the two group meetings each year as well as at least one Beantown Society event such as the Curley Project, Don’t Wait ‘Till We’re Dead Talent Show, or Wake Up The Earth Youth Stage.

As a group of donors, we will learn about community fundraising, the history of youth organizing and gentrification in JP, and build our skills together!

How Do I Sign Up

Sign-up here or email Adam Machson-Carter at for more information. 

Not Ready Yet To This Commitment?

Even of you cannot commit to the Donor Collective, you can still support the work of Beantown Society by making a donation or becoming a monthly sustainer.